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ABC | Disney Television Writing Podcasts

June 14, 2010

I know a lot of you out there are furiously working hard at getting your spec scripts polished by July 1st for the Holy Grail of all television writing fellowships:  The ABC/Disney Writing Program (they are no longer calling it a fellowship, as the standards have have exceeded the definition for a “fellowship”).  On my resources page I have a link to the On the Page podcasts–The show is hosted by script consultant Pilar Alessandra and features numerous guests related to screenwriting.  The most recent podcast features an interview with Frank Bennett Gonzalez, Program Director for the The ABC | Disney Writing Program.  The interview offers some great insights into what the program is looking for and how the process works.

Podcast Link:  Episode 144 The Disney ABC Writing Program

Note:  You can also search for “On the Page” and subscribe to the podcasts through itunes.

Hollywood Writers’ Office Assistants Social (HWAS) posted some great info (similar to what’s on the podcast) about the program a couple weeks ago.  It’s in text form, so if you rather read about the program, check it out here.

Also, The Spec Life tweeted a link to the official Disney | ABC Talent Development podcasts for your listening pleasure.


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