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Modern Family Spec Script Toolkit: Part 1 – Homework

July 1, 2010

Much like Community, Modern Family is quickly becoming one of the new hot sitcoms to spec.  In “Comedy Spec Script 2010 – What is hot and what is not” posted on A TV Calling, Alex lists Modern Family as a “Wild Card” show to spec.  This basically means that although agents and managers aren’t flooded with Modern Family specs right now…they will be soon.  Modern Family’s commercial success also offers some comfort in that your spec won’t be useless after only a two seasons (Party Down anyone?).

I won’t bore you with my lecture on the importance of actually doing some homework on the show your spec’ing…but if you really need a reminder, feel free to check out my Community Spec Script Toolkit:  Part 1 – Homework.  I think I waste two full paragraphs on why doing your “homework” is important.  It’s pretty much common sense, but not everyone is blessed with it…

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:  You need to watch every episode at least three times.  Any less and you’re a slacker.  You can watch more if you like, but at some point (probably around the fifth time) you’ve already learned as much as you can and you need to stop procrastinating and write your spec!

Other than watching (or Tivo-ing) Modern Family every wednesday night on ABC and/or purchasing episodes through itunes, here are two good sources for finding free Modern Family episodes online:

  • Hulu – Not every episode is available forever, but it’s good if you want to re-watch one within a week or two of when it aired.
  • CastTV – Free episodes can be found here for the entire season.  Not exactly sure how it’s legal, though.

Now that you’ve watched so many episodes that you feel like you’re a part of the Modern Family, it’s time to get your hands on some scripts.

If you’ve been to my Resources page or read some of my other blog posts, you’ll know that I’m going to tell you to check out Lee Thomson’s blog, which has links to the following Modern Family scripts:

Aside from watching episodes and reading scripts, there are a lot of good sources of supplemental info online. In no particular order, here are some Modern Family links that may be of some use in your quest to finish a spec.

If you’re like me, you’re probably curious to see some examples of Modern Family spec scripts written by fellow aspiring writers.  You’re in luck!  I found three online posted on Scribd:

Good luck with your specs and please feel free to add any additional links to the list!

~ Don’t forget to check out the Modern Family Spec Script Toolkit:  Part 2 – Story & Structure ~


February 2011 Update:

And if you haven’t already taken it…I set up a very brief survey to get some feedback on what you guys and gals are writing.  Seriously, it won’t take you long to complete it.  I did it in less than a minute.  (That’s not a guarantee…I can’t control how fast you type.)  At the end of the month, I’ll post the results of the survey for everyone to see.

CLICK HERE to take the Spec Script Survey ~


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