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National Sketch Writing Month

September 3, 2010

Just when I thought I could spend one more month procrastinating and not writing, I ran across this website:  NaSkeWriMo.  Apparently, September is National Sketch Writing Month.  Yup, that’s right all you NaNoWriMo junkies and ScriptFrenzy enthusaists, we have one more reason to crank out a ton of pages in 30 short days.  It’s in it’s third year, and has about about 240 participants for 2010.  For more details about NaSkeWriMo, check out this article on The Apiary with one of the co-founders, Ben Ragheb (check out the other co-founder’s website, too:  Michelle Dobrawsky).

I try to keep most posts limited to sitcom writing, but being able to write a great comedy sketch can come in handy when trying to amp up the comedy in your sitcom scripts.  And, if you took a serious look at how many sitcom writers/screenwriters/producers/showrunners started out on SNL or Madtv, it only makes too much sense to at least learn how to write a few sketches…ahem…Tina Fey anyone? 

I’m already three days behind, but I’ll catch up at some point (I hope).  I created a separte blog, evan’s random writings, to keep track of all 30 of my sketches.  (I don’t need to soil the “solid” reputation of this blog with my horrible sketches…).  I’ve been writing plays and screenplays over the last few years, but never any comedy sketches.  So, hopefully by the end of the month I’ll figure out how to write a decent sketch.  And who cares if they suck?  Like Dustin Drury told me, “at the very least you have 30 ideas you didn’t have before the end of the month.” 

Oh, would you look at that:  My first sketch, “Café Self Conscious” is already posted!

So, I urge everyone to go to NaSkeWriMo and sign up before September is over! 

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