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Friday Links: Raising Hope, Inspiration, Jokes & Commas

April 13, 2012

Happy Friday – Here are some links that I came across during the week that you all might find interesting.  My main source of is from my future boss / writing chum Crystal Hubbard’s Twitter feed, so give her a follow.

Something useful:

  • Raising Hope Scripts – It’s probably not the “hottest” show to spec, but I imagine there are writers out there who will be speccing Raising Hope.  Although I have no plans to spec it, I enjoy the show and am happy to see another Northern Virginian showrunner on the air in Greg Garcia.

Something Inspiring:

  • “Balls of Steel:  How far will you go?” by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman – I’m not opposed to posts about inspiration, but there are just soooooo many out there that the messages start to become redundant and diluted.  However, Bowerman’s articles tend to take a logical approach to inspire other writers.  Rather than generalized canned ideas, like “never give up,” she expands on not just the what, but also the why and how.  

Something jokey:

Something technical:

  • “Fanfare for the Comma Man by Ben Yagoda – Have you ever wished that there was one article that breaks down when, where, how, and, why, commas, are, used?  Me neither.  However, I did find this article interesting, as it examines how comma rules have changed over the years and even confirms that there aren’t necessarily any hard and fast rules.

Something fun:

  • – This is a cool website that allows you to create “If, Then” commands to make all of your web apps work together.  For example, you can create a “recipe” so that any time you star something in Google Reader, it will automatically tweet the link to the article from your Twitter feed.  It’s nerdy, but could be very helpful.

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