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So This Is Something…Episode 1

September 4, 2013

…or maybe it’s nothing…but we’ll see.

One of the guys (Rich Camp) I met at the Taliesin Filmmakers Workshop asked me if I was interested in pitching jokes for an online topical news show (think Weekend Update) that he was planning on shooting every week. Well, since I didn’t have much experience (ZERO) at writing topical jokes and it’s hard for me to say “no” to anything, I agreed. Figured it’d be a good learning experience.

Oh, the name of the show is “So This is Something” — Hence the title of this post.

Anyway, during the first week Rich, myself, John Bellina, Christian Borys, and  Anthony Giambusso all traded emails with pitches for jokes and setups, commenting on others, fixing punches, etc. 56 emails later, we had a few dozen jokes. Exactly two were funny, but at the end of the week, we all picked our top 4-5 favorite jokes and after that Rich took over and produced the episode with the help of his camera man, Chris Loens.

From a writing standpoint, it was a lot of fun trading jokes. It also forced me to read the news (WTF is going on with Syria? And Miley Cyrus? RG3 is back!). So, no matter how much my jokes suck or how much Rich ruins my brilliantly crafted punchlines, it was time well spent. It also forces us to just GO DO and not dick around too much.

On the technical side, I asked Rich what he used to produce the episode and he sent a few pics:


He shot the episode on a Blackmagic Cinema camera and taped an iPad to the bottom of the camera to use as a teleprompter. Masking tape (and/or duct tape) is the best friend of any filmmaker. Bears are the enemy.



For editing he used Final Cut Pro X due to the quick turnaround time – working with a green screen was a literally a click away. He also has Adobe Premiere, but for these types of episodes, it’s more time consuming.

Audio was recorded with a RODE smartLav and an iPod.
Having said all that, here’s how the finished product turned out…
We’re all figuring this stuff out, so we welcome any feedback you may have. The goal is for every episode that we do to be better than the last.

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