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PUPPYCIDE: The Documentary

October 21, 2013


Every 98 minutes, a dog is shot by law enforcement.

That’s kind of a shocking statistic. And it’s only more shocking when you actually look behind the data and delve into the stories behind the numbers. When I first learned what puppycide was, my mind originally jumped to the idea of police officers accidentally shooting rottweilers and pit bulls during drug busts and gang shootouts. But then you start to look at the headlines…

“Cop Shoots Therapy Dog While Serving Warrant At Wrong House”

“Rochester Police Shoot Disabled Man’s Dog, Then Arrest Him Twice in the Days After”

“Cops Tell Mom Her Son Was Murdered, Kill Her Dog for Good Measure”


Apparently, this type of thing happens all the time. And that’s why Patrick Reasonover and Michael Ozias (of Ozymandias Media) are making PUPPYCIDE: The Documentary. I met Patrick at the Taliesin Nexus Filmmakers Workshop (see my previous post about the workshop). Okay, “met” does not do it justice, because he is the President of the non-profit organization behind the workshop. So, he’s partly responsible for helping many young filmmakers connect with professionals in the entertainment industry and allowing them to have a kick-ass time in LA. Patrick is a great guy and I feel good knowing that he’s behind this project.

Back to PUPPYCIDE… It’s easy to point the blame at cowboy-headed shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later police officers, but PUPPYCIDE: The Documentary looks to create awareness about the issue to help bring about better training for law enforcement offers. The truth is that law enforcement offers have to make split second decisions about their own safety and without the proper training on how to handle unfamiliar dogs, the dogs are the ones that end up on the wrong side of that decision.

I encourage anyone (especially dog owners/lovers) to visit their Kickstarter page to learn more about the documentary and the research that they’ve already conducted. Their trailer and info page do an outstanding job of explaining the issue and why you should support it.

Why do I support the project? Because of this guy:


Cooper: part Lab, part Poodle, part dragon

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